Automind Innovation Program is based on the Corporative Innovation concept:

"It's the definition of new organizational structures from a given desirable and favorable culture, which aim to better align the company to the market and the desired positioning to be achieved , either through a new business model, new product, new process, or something of that sort."

In addition to technological innovation processes, the program covers the whole range of innovative practices that create value for the company in its various dimensions.

The company's innovative strategies have as focus: Software and Services in three priority axes of innovation: Energy, Infrastructure and Logistics.

Governance Model

To ensure a good flow to the dynamics of the company Innovation, two fundamental bodies were established:

1 - The Innovation Committee;
2 - The Innovation Group;

1 - The Innovation Committee, formed by the leadership of the main Automind areas (Financial, Technology, Commercial and Operations), including Innovation and Executive Director, was the legitimating body of the first steps of program structuring, giving adherence to the actions of the strategic objectives of the company. This group is also responsible for examining and approving the innovation projects in the company.

2 - The Innovation Group, formed initially by an outside consulting and the Director of Technology, served as the embryo to the new area of innovation of the company. At first, this group aligned the program perceptions with other company areas, mobilizing people, thinking of priority projects and structuring the preliminary ideas in order to be presented to all Innovation Committee Members.


The new Innovation Board has in its composition the leadership of Helio Faria, former Director of Technology and the Innovation Group for the processes of experimental and applied research on the three priority axes of innovation, besides the support of specialized consulting to more specific projects.