Our Company

In the 70's, industrial automation companies emerged with high technical skills, resources directed to the field of application, effective services at low operating costs as well as high integration with similar companies. These small cap companies appeared as true "control system houses", successfully serving the market needs.

Bringing to Brazil this new design combined with an innovative concept, a group of professionals founded Automind Automação Industrial Ltda in 1987 founded, in order to develop automation solutions for monitoring, security, control and optimization of industrial processes.

Located in the city of Salvador / BA, with a branch in Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Automind has a complete infrastructure with first-line equipment, tests and trials labs, Giga testing, software development license and also a qualified and extensively trained staff.

Our services consist from the development of Automation Master Plans to the delivery of Turn-key Systems.

Our high technical capability in instrumentation engineering and industrial automation combined with ventures using high technology and innovative practices, result in a greater efficiency, reduced supplies and maintenance costs, safe operation and without surprises, better utilization of installed capacity and a fast return on investment required for improvements implementation.

Automind defends the employee-company partnership, believing in the effectiveness of the results obtained from the work developed by motivated professionals. The guarantee of delivering of services with high quality standard is partly due to the constant investment the company directs to Human Capital, enabling for example, numerous specialized and postgraduate courses taught by qualified professionals.


Automation engineering solutions.

Provide innovative automation engineering solutions in order to meet the expectation of our clients, shareholders and work-team.

Become national reference as automation engineering solutions provider for all actuation segments.

Core Values

Respect to the human being, society and environment;
Fulfillment of commitments with customers, partners and suppliers;
Truthfulness, ethics and honesty;
Collaborative management and continual improvement of our work-team;
Teamwork behavior and satisfaction in the daily activities;
Innovation, creativity and confidence running our business;
Dedication to make and share profits.