Posted in 23/09/2015

In association with IBTR (Brazilian Institute of Technology and Regulation), UFBA (Federal University of Bahia) and FINEP (Projects and Studies Financer), Automind ends its first cooperative project. The project investment was approximately R$ 1.6 million in which Automind participated with 400 thousand. The result of this partnership was AutoOTS®, an operator training simulator to reduce industrial accidents and operational errors.

The new tool was created aiming the evaluation of the automation system configuration and programming automation systems and allows the identification of bottlenecks, production improvement and profit-maximizing. It integrates DCS, PLC and process simulator with technical severity and sufficient robustness to simulate emergencies, process variations, plant\'s start-up, operation and shutdown.

The implementation of the simulator ensures greater operational efficiency and safety. To accomplish this project 42 people were involved, 15 of them are members of the Automind team.

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