Posted in 07/01/2014

The Automind partnered with Ultracargo for automation of their terminals storage and handling of chemical products and fuels, consolidating its position as a provider of Management and Terminal Automation Systems in the Brazilian market. The Automind already automated the terminal Itaqui in São Luiz / MA in 2009 and is now initiated the process of automation terminals Aratu and Suape. The initial phase of the new Terminal automation will be completed in 2014.

In Suape Terminal - PE, Automind is automating the platform loading / unloading that has the Accuload II presets, integration of measurement and automation level of the tanks Park pumps. In addition, we implemented automated access control trucks and integration with ERP ULTRACARGO. In Aratu - BA, process automation Terminal is being started, providing a system of interlocking and control hoses for better safety and efficiency in loading / unloading terminal process.

Currently Ultracargo is the market leader in the field of storage and handling of chemical products and fuels in Brazil. The terminal in Suape Port is the most complete pole of the Northeast and Aratu Terminal is responsible for 60% of all cargo handled in maritime shipping in Bahia.

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