Automation Genome Mapping

The Integrity software collects, retains, provides visualization and keeps the information of the plant assets. PAS has an extensive list of Automation Assets Genomes which set of solutions is able to extract key information about configurations to visualize and analyze in a common format.

Integrity provides the following benefits in real-time:

*Automation Systems Management:
- Aggregates and reconciles data from disparate systems;
- Transforms isolated data pieces into contextual information;
- Track changes and find faults in automation database;
- Maintains documentation of automation systems in real-time;
- Exhibit an inventory of hardware and software and reserved capacity;
- Provides a central backup and disaster recovery ability for all automation systems.

*Asset Management - Automation System Migration
- Reduces the time of migration and systems integration projects by up to 10%;
- Significantly improves Quality through collaboration;
- Reduces rework and the time of Acceptance Testing;

The Essential Features of the Genome Integrity provide interface, navigation methods and resources to access on demand to contextual information about the genealogy of automation, change history, errors configuration defects and more.

The Advanced Elements of Genome Integrity provide powerful solutions to improve the robustness, availability and overall integrity of automation assets. They significantly enhance the productivity and eliminates errors that result from the use of obsolete plant documentation.

IntegrityTM Genome Asset Models makes easy the capture and manipulation of data from disparate systems into a common format for use in the software Integrity. They also provide special user interfaces for each brand and model of the automation system.