AutoLoad® is an industrial software, designed for real time operation applications, specially developed for the Management of Fuel, Chemical Terminals and Biofuel Plants. The software was developed using Microsoft.Net tecnology and relational database that provides great conectivity features and allows it’s operation in Microsoft Windows® platform.

AutoLoad® fully integrates Terminals providing great flexibility, availability and operational and property security. These features allow AutoLoad® to be used in Terminals with different process needs and provide:

• Control of any terminal through secure and rugged interface;
• Reliability on product inventory control;
•Operational traceability minimizing damage due to fuel losses or robbery;
• Agility to the invoicing system;
• Reduction in Terminals Management System costs;
• Automatic operations;
• Inventory control.

AutoLoad® has communication drivers to many field devices like eletronic presets, weigh scales, access control units, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), Corporative Systems (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning), Telemetry Systems, Motorized Vales Systems, among others.

Aiming to cover all kinds of Terminals and operational needs, AutoLoad® is available in the following versions:

• AutoLoad® Full
• AutoLoad® Plus
• AutoLoad® Lite